Top 3 Best Smartphone’s Under 200!!

Due to advancement in technology, new smartphones are being made under a normal range of 200, which provides their user with all beneficial, impressive, and attractive features which were earlier designed for high ranged smartphones. Now smartphones have become more affordable and easy to buy as compared to an earlier time. Features possessed by high range smartphones like better camera setup, long-life battery, an amazing processor, good quality display screen, quick charging, and variety of options in cameras like wide-angle or microlens, flash, high resolution, multiple filters, and many more to count are now available at an affordable range of 200.

Even if you have a low budget, you don’t have to sacrifice the modern features provided by the Smartphone companies as they are trying their level best to provide all available features in the best range of price, which is affordable by most of the users. Companies are also trying to provide their users with 5G bands in a range of 200.

In the upcoming article, you will learn about the best phones which are available under the range of 200 and available in India easily. You will know about their best features and reasons for buying such a Smartphone.

    1. REDMI NOTE 10 PRO-MAX –

The most attractive features provided by Redmi Note 10 pro max are –

  • Full HD 6.6 inch AMOLED screen display along with a high rate of refreshing at a speed of 120HZ.
  • It provides
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